Calistoga TID Committee

Calistoga TID Committee

Tourism is Napa County’s second largest industry, generating more than $1.9 billion in annual spending, which directly benefits Napa County residents and businesses.

A portion of the 2% self assessed lodging tax that is collected by Tax Collector of Calistoga is utilized by the Calistoga TID Committee for localized tourism related marketing programs and activities. TID funds are utilized for effective marketing and tourist serving strategies to help benefit the assessed tourism businesses. 

The Calistoga TID Board of Directors meetings are open to the public and held at the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce offices located at 1133 Washington Street. 2020/21 FY meetings are as follows:


The Executive Director of the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce serves as the Secretary of the Calistoga TID Committee. 

TID Committee Board of Directors

  • Lisa Gift, Calistoga City Council
  • Michael Lennon, Calistoga Spa Hot Springs
  • Michael Quast, Roman Spa Hot Springs
  • Michael Kirn, Calistoga City Manager
  • Bruce Kyse, Calistoga Chamber of Commerce 
  • Chris Costas, Indian Springs Calistoga
  • Jay Heidenreich, Solage Calistoga

          TID Funding Application

          The Calistoga TID Local Governing Board will entertain requests for funding whose sole objective is to advance tourism and hospitality in a significant and measurable way and which will have a demonstrated economic impact specific to the Calistoga community.  

          Requests for funding are to be considered annually and will be judged according to criteria that best achieves the following desired goals and objectives:  (Requests that do not meet these goals will not be considered.)

          • Develop events or activities that help drive tourism to Calistoga.
          • Events or activities should focus on travel primarily Sunday through Friday and also during the shoulder season months of November through June.  Our tourist community thrives during summer and grape harvest season; so your proposal should concentrate on the off-season and slow times of year.
          • Seek to create and sustain events or activities that compel visitors to stay overnight. Although Calistoga is a popular destination for tourists on day-trips, the ultimate goal of this application is to put ‘heads in beds” and extend stays. 
          • Highlight Calistoga’s many wine, food, and art venues; showcase Calistoga’s commitment to health, wellness, geothermal waters, relaxation, and education; take advantage of our notable and recognizable winemakers, chefs, artists, musicians and individuals whose reputations have earned them national and international acclaim;
          • The event or activity will enhance the guest experience.
          • Demonstrate the financial health and accountability, creativity, and strong management of your organization/project to fulfill these objectives.