Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

2013 Brand Guide

What are the benefits of a Destination Brand Strategy exercise?

  • Foster a unified and cooperative approach to continue to build and communicate the destination’s reputation and its unique characteristics and attributes.
  • Provide a decision-making framework and foundation to build a stronger identity for the destination and avoid contradictory and changing messages and images.
  • Result in a higher return on investment from the destination’s marketing investments.
  • Capture the strengths and personality of Calistoga in ways that enables all stakeholders to use similar, consistant and compelling marketing messages.
  • Provide the opportunity for future product and business development opportunities.

Design Elements

To support the Calistoga brand voice, we have included some initial new visual brand elements that are key components of visual design. Orchestrated around the new Calistoga logo, the visual brand is inspired by the “intimate hospitality” that is unique to the City of Calistoga. Themes such as interaction, movement, connectivity and warmth are all brought to life with the visual brand.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are any owners, managers and employees working in Calistoga’s service and concierge industries whose role it is to make visitors feel welcome and represent the town of Calistoga.